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Creating Wealth With Quantum Physics

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Creating Wealth With Quantum Physics

Creating wealth can be faster and easier when you understand and use the principles of quantum physics. Start by looking for evidence of these principles in your day to day experience; then learn to direct them to produce the results you desire.

Can Your Intention Really Influence Outcomes?

In the world of the very, very small, quantum physics has shown that it does. The famous double slit experiment shows that the act of observation affects the behavior of photons (and electrons, etc.).

If you shoot photons through two slits (openings) in a barrier, a classic light-and-dark pattern is seen, suggesting that the photons had the characteristics of a wave. But this isn’t the part of the experiment that interests us today.

If you do this same experiment exactly the same way, shooting photons through two slits, but place a measuring or recording device by one hole to record which slit the photon went through (leaving both slits open), the outcome pattern changes. It no longer shows the classic wave pattern. It now shows the same pattern we would see if we had shot photons through just one slit in the barrier — the pattern of particles.

The simple act of observation changes the behavior of the photons from a wave to individual particles! And can predict the outcome.

But how about in the world of the much larger? In our physical world.

Observation and Expectation Do Influence Results

While we hardly ever (all right, you might even say never) see a person behaving as a wave, we do see instances of observation or expectation influencing outcomes in our everyday world.

Consider my purchase of a new car several years ago. I did my research over the weekend and determined that a 2002 brown Honda CR-V was the car I wanted. But in my day to day experience, I really hadn’t seen any around my town. In fact, I began to second guess my choice, wondering if they really were good cars, since it seemed that nobody was driving them.

Imagine my surprise when I drove off to work the next day and saw seven CR-Vs in just a few short miles! And five of them were in the brown color that I had decided I wanted to purchase.

What happened?

Did my weekend attention to the brown CR-V change the cars that others owned and drove? Somehow I doubt that.

But, it clearly did change what I noticed in my environment. It absolutely altered my experience of my life.

So then I had to ask myself “Did I just not notice CR-Vs before? Did my attention and expectation to CR-Vs change my behavior (and the behavior of others) so that I began to drive on the roads at the same time as owners of CR-Vs were driving there? Or did my attention to CR-Vs attract them into my experience?”

It Doesn’t Matter Why — All that Matters Is That You Notice

You can discuss the ‘why’ of this all day long. But does it really matter which is true, when you look at the impact of expectation in your life? Not really.

Because if you want and expect some thing or event to show up in your life, and it becomes available to you in a way that you notice that it is there, isn’t that really what you want in attracting and creating wealth?

Your goal is to set forth your desires, and then to become aware of people, events and opportunities that match your desires. Perhaps it shows up as someone sending you a check, a new job offer, or an amazing investment opportunity. How it shows up isn’t as important as the fact that you are aware of it.

Then you can take action. Inspired action.

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