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Waxing and Raining – How To Wax Your Car When It’s Raining

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Waxing and Raining – How To Wax Your Car When It’s Raining

Maintaining a vehicle’s finish can be a tiresome chore. If you’ve ever found yourself with a filthy car on days or even weeks of consecutive rains you’ll find yourself in a quandary. Should you quickly wax or allow your paint’s finish to absorb the brute force of the rain. Read on to find out a simple solution.

Many a car enthusiast will have found themselves debating whether or not to wax their car during days of consecutive rain. For one thing, we know that rain is capable of easily stripping off protectants we apply to our car. Whatever wax you use be it synthetic or carnauba it is not going to last long with continuous rains.

Should you wax quickly in the garage before exposing it to the rain again? Or just let the rains stop altogether and hope it’s acid content doesn’t eat up your finish? This can be very true on areas that experience heavy rain throughout the year.

However, waxing repeatedly can be costly both in time and money especially if you are using boutique waxes. Most waxes too have a curing time, synthetics are claimed to instantly bond but most people believe that a good 12 hours will make it last longer.

What we’ve found is that you can wax your car in sections. For example doing the hood, or fenders today would be quick and easy. Plus it would allow you to finish quickly and let it cure overnight. Doing the other parts on consecutive days will make it much easier.

Making sure that the surface is as dry as possible also will prevent the wax from being blown away on the next rain shower. You can use some terry towels after a round of chamois patting. After that you can even use your leaf blower to make sure its as dry as a bone. Since you’ll be doing sections at a time this can be so much easier.

As mentioned above letting waxes cure will make them last longer. Waxing as soon as you arrive home will mean that when you get out to work the next day you’ll be protected with a strengthened wax layer.

Using synthetic wax should be compulsory during rainy days. Most synthetic waxes are easy to apply and almost magically as easy to wipe off. Going for traditional waxes will make your rainy days extremely frustrating. Plus all the effort will go down the drain when you realize that 12 hours is too short of a cure time for even the hardest carnauba waxes.

Some people recommended waxing weekly if your car is exposed to bad weather. We can’t recommend this highly enough if you love your car. Don’t forget to rotate each section. You can wax a different section once a week or or once every third day if the weather is really bad.

Lastly it is recommended to make sure that you vehicle is not damp when you wax it. This can leave unsightly white swipe marks all over your car. They can be a pain to remove with washing. That’s a lot of time and wax wasted too.

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