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VIP Protection – You Need to Get This Right, There Are No Second Chances

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VIP Protection – You Need to Get This Right, There Are No Second Chances

If you are having a VIP visit your location for any reason, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure the safety and security of that guest, and the safety and security of any one else in close proximity to that guest.

The team that is chosen to look after security for the VIP should be chosen vary carefully.
This team, whether it is 2 person – 10 person or greater needs to have a solid background in risk assessment, protection procedures, security planning, very professional, and proven success in this field.

We will look at a VIP visit to your building (site security)
The security team leader needs to prepare for the VIP arrival.

Some items that need to be taken into consideration:

Risk assessment:
The level of threat that the VIP may be under. This includes at least the past 6-month’s history of any risk that may be imposed on the VIP.
Who or what the risk is, level of risk, likely hood of risk, and consequences of risk.

We will assume that the risk to the VIP is deemed medium to high.

There will need to be a pick up and drop off plan (for example the Airport).
This includes:

o A detailed plan that includes contingency planning,
o Command and control responsibilities
o Armed security guards if applicable (usually only legal in cash transit)
o Police involvement, Federal Police involvement
o Dress of security team, plain clothes and no sign on the vehicle saying security (it has happened!)
o Communication methods
o Who will participate from the security team
o Travel to the pick up point
o The pick up point
o Travel from the pick up point
o The drop at the made safe location

On planning the arrival at the site location, these are some considerations that need to be taken into account:

o General security of location, perimeter checks, cameras, alarms.
o Bomb clearance / IED detection – (improvised explosive devices)
o Who will be on site – authorised, relevant and cleared staff only
o The safest path that the VIP will take throughout the building
o Clearing and double checking that route path
o Emergency planning for fast extraction from site
o Any Police ‘standby’ involvement

The function that the VIP will be involved with:

o Who the other staff and guests are?
o All staff and guests are vetted for any risk to the VIP
o All guests have a pass or ticket to gain entry, and personal ID shown if needed
o Approved and secured/observed entrances and exits for all guests
o Emergency safe room access for the VIP, this should be the most secure place in the building, be accessible within 30 seconds, as well as being the easiest extraction point. Usually a basement next to a secure exit roller door can suffice.

But try to ensure solid walls, no windows, solid core door with double locking, and possibly another exit in that room to a secondary safe area.

These are some points, which need to be taken into consideration.
There can be many more points that need to be covered in regard to fire evacuation – for example: if and when, and how to determine if a fire alarm is a hoax just to get the VIP outside and venerable.

Only picking the best team, planning, planning and more planning, excellent communication, research, coupled with rehearsals will help ensure that the risk to the VIP is greatly decreased.

The risk can never be totally eliminated.
If someone really wants to do harm, then the more determined they are, the better chance they have.
However, the more that you do not plan with due diligence, the greater chance the perpetrator has.

Defending is the most difficult procedure to execute, attacking is much easier.

For your planning interest:

‘I worked with a quite big security firm 6 years ago; we unfortunately worked together in the pick up of a VIP from an Airport in Perth.
The company that we worked with was late, forgot their security brief, had a big black vehicle with big gold letters stating who they were, and walked through the airport yelling out to me ‘hey is that the VIP we are looking after?’

Do it right.

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