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Things to Consider Before Hiring a UTE

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a UTE

Ute hire is a great way to move items you normally do not move such as some heavy furniture or a load or two of timber, maybe a load of soil or aggregate for a weekend job. There are a few things you should consider before committing yourself to a particular ute hire option.

  • Is your load likely to cause damage to the Ute tray and how can you protect it and yourself from charges relating to damage from scratches or marks from heavy equipment
  • Will having a tipping body or a ramp, make the job easier and do you really need a new model of Ute or can your hire Ute, be an older model that already has a few scratches and usually cost a bit less to hire?
  • Will the company provide items such as ropes, trolley’s and moving blankets, cardboard boxes or bags and what are the costs charges involved?
  • Always when hiring a Ute or any other vehicle, take a good look around the outside and not any blemishes or defects such as scratches or dents, even use your cell phone to take a few photos to avoid any disagreements later (your cell phone photo will include a time and date) and bring these to the companies attention
  • Take a while to compare prices and decide if you need the Ute for a few hours, a whole day, weekend or more as rates can vary considerably because of the length of your Ute hire and the day you choose as well as the season
  • Does the hire company have an option to deliver the Ute to you and do they also have a pick up option when you have finished your job and what extra charges are involved with this service?
  • Work out the size of the Ute tray you need as different companies have different sized units so you can be sure that your load will fit in the back of the Ute
  • Ask if it comes with a full roof rack for longer loadsand do they have a tow bar for a trailer
  • Ask the company about the different rates for unlimited and set distance with additional km charges as the total Ute hire rate can be lower if you are doing your job locally as apposed to having a long distance run. In this case an unlimited option may be the best, remember the return trip when calculating the total mileage
  • Ask them if you have to pay extra for different drivers and check out the extra insurance policies they offer as this can reduce your excess if there are any accidents whether your fault another’s or caused by mother nature
  • See what free extras they offer, ask if they have a free gps to make planning your trip easier, do you need a child seat, a roof rack, mud-grip or snow chains or a hiab for lifting or tray liner to avoid any damage to the tray body
  • Dose the ute hire include the standard roadside assistance in the event you have a breakdown get a flat tyre or the battery is flat
  • If you are a smoker is there an extra charge for smoking in the cab

It is very important to carefully check the whole rental agreement as some of the fine print may not be clear so ask them to explain every aspect so you know your obligations and rights. Some companies have simplified their agreements so they are easier understand and quicker to fillout.

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