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Slatwall in Your Garage

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Slatwall in Your Garage

Slatwall is so versatile, that it can be used for just about anything in your garage. The garage is often a hot spot for many people. It can be really difficult to keep it organized, but with slatwall the possibilities are endless.

Many people use the garage, not only for working on home improvement projects or storing tools, but also for storing out of season clothing, gardening supplies, parking cars, storing bikes, and keeping the lawnmower out of the weather. You may have camping equipment, toys, sports equipment, paint, car parts, and countless other home items in your garage. No wonder it’s so easy to let it get out of control.

Before you organize the garage, take a little time out to categorize what you own. Pull everything out and divide it by type, use or size in your driveway. Finding out how much stuff you really own is a great place to start. Get ready to get rid of some things that you rarely or never use. Often times we’ll upgrade tools and we forget to get rid of the old ones. Or, we simply want to keep them as back-up or for spare parts. Do try to get rid of as much as possible so that you can actually see what you have and be able to find it when you need it.

When you have everything categorized, you can begin to map out how much space you’ll need for each category. Some things will have to take up floor space, like your lawn mower. Almost everything else can be stored on the walls. Installing a slatwall system around the garage gives you a lot of vertical and horizontal space to work with. This is highly recommended over shelving or cabinets because you’re not limited by space constraints. Slatwall accessories come in every shape, size, use, and capacity that you can imagine. They are easily moved up, down, and side to side making the arrangement of your tools and belongings incredibly versatile.

Use larger, sturdier slatwall panels for hanging things like bikes, chainsaws, and other power tools. Check with the manufacturer for weight restrictions. In general, slatwall grooves lined with metal inserts hold more weight. Try to designate certain areas for categories of items that go together. For example, bikes, tires, replacement bike tire tubes, spare nozzle caps, helmets, knee pads, and bike pumps should all be in one area. Sports equipment can go in one space, woodworking tools can have a space, gardening tools, ladders, yard tools, and other categories of items can have select areas on the slatwall where they can be easily hung, identified, and most importantly, easily put away when you’re done.

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