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Should I Date Someone Who Is Married?

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Should I Date Someone Who Is Married?

Good question. But the answer is no! Absolutely not, unless you’re looking for trouble in your relationship. Because there’s bound to be problems later on down the line for you and the person who you’re thinking about dating who is married. You’re probably wondering, why not take the chance and go for it! You’re a person that likes challenges. Well a challenge you’ll get and then some. So why bother taking the risk if there is a possibility that you may have problems later on down the line. You say, what future problems could there be? Well you may run into some or all of these problems:

1) The spouse of the married person you’re dating catches you out on a date when you least expect it! This could be very embarrassing for the both of you. How’d you like the spouse of the person you’re currently dating, to have an angry confrontation in front of the both of you in a public place that you may be at the time. The angry spouse may not only be verbally confrontational, but, may get physical with you as well! This would not be good for either of you nor the person’s spouse.

2) Your relatives or friends may catch you and your date at a restaurant or a movie together. How would you explain this to them or your spouse? This would be an awkward situation for the both of you.

3) You or your date are at each others home while the spouse is away on a business trip or at work. You get very comfortable in your date’s home and the telephone rings while they’re in the kitchen cooking dinner. You make the mistake of picking up the telephone and low an behold your date’s spouse is on the phone wondering why you answered they’re telephone. Are you going to be able to explain yourself? Probably not!

4) You decided to purchase flowers and other miscellaneous gifts for your date because you like him or her and are trying to make a good impression. You forgot and used the joint credit card that you have with your spouse. Your wife or husband just happened to get home early from work one day and they went to the mailbox instead of you. Guess what? They got the credit card statement out of the mailbox that shows the charges you made for those gifts for your date. You’re confronted by your spouse who now has evidence that you’ve been cheating on them.

5) You decide to let your boyfriend who is also married borrow your candy apple red 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, to run some errands he has before your evening date. Your husband is away on a business trip. Your license plate reads 4MYWIFE, and you received your new shiny sports car from your husband on your birthday two months ago. Just so happen, your spouse got back from his business trip early and decided that he would surprise you. As he turned into the driveway of your home, your boyfriend was exiting your driveway at the same time your spouse arrived. Your spouse was furious to see another man driving the vehicle he just recently purchased for you. Your boyfriend sped out of your driveway when he saw that it was your husband and crashed into an oncoming vehicle. You got busted and not only did your spouse catch you, but now, you have to deal with the accident that your boyfriend was in!

So, see how dating someone who is married is not a good idea. This could create lots of problems for not only for the two of you, but the people who are in a relationship with you. Your relationship could also have a negative impact on your children and other family members as well. The best policy is just don’t do it!

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