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Sheepskin Seat Covers – Will Sheepskin Covers For My Motorcycle Really Protect and Keep Things Dry?

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Sheepskin Seat Covers – Will Sheepskin Covers For My Motorcycle Really Protect and Keep Things Dry?

Who would have ever thought to put a sheepskin seat cover on a motorcycle? Smart people that know the benefits of sheepskin that’s who. The fine people in Australia, where the merino sheepskin comes from have used sheepskin coverings for many applications for many years. People from this part of the world discovered the many benefits of sheepskin and have used it to their advantage for a long time.

The UGG boots were worn by people out of necessity because that is what they had to do in order to survive. I would say they were pretty smart in their discovery of this very unique material. I used wear bedroom shoes around the house everyday that were made from cotton and polyester and it never ceased to amaze me how hot and sweaty they got. When I was introduced to sheepskin I got a pair of sheepskin bedroom shoes and was amazed at how comfortable and cool they stayed. No more stinky sweaty bedroom shoes. If sheepskin can stop your feet from sweating and smelling then sheepskin can do anything in my opinion.

Now whats this got to do with motorcycle seat covers? Well any seasoned motorcyclist knows that along with a long ride comes discomfort along with heat and sweat. These factors cause a great ride to be turned into a hot uncomfortable ride. They call this phenomenon the sweaty butt crack. Sounds bad doesn’t it? The sweaty butt crack syndrome feels bad too & the cleanest of riders get it. Even the most beautiful and clean versions of the female persuasion suffer from this ailment also.

Now lets not get this mixed up with the another problem they call bikers butt. Biker butt is where the motorcycle seat is made more to fit the bike than your butt. Honda cruisers are notorious for the most uncomfortable motorcycle seats on the market. I should know I have one. Bikers butt is where you ride for a short period of time and your butt starts to hurt, because the seat is designed wrong and is usually way too hard for a trip of any length.

Some bikers resort to pads they put on there bike for added comfort. They make gel pads as well as pads made from many other materials. These do help but look awkward and the ones I used don’t stay in place very well. Most bikers change there whole seat to an aftermarket seat that is designed more for the person than the bike. The biggest name for these seats is the Mustang seat. The Mustang seat typically runs around $500.00 + dollars. What if there was a solution for these problems that is affordable and looks odd at the same time? I think there is.

Sheepskin motorcycle seat covers are tailor made to fit virtually any bike. You can get tailor made sheepskin motorcycle seat covers for less than $200.00. The sheepskin will keep your butt much cooler which will help with sweaty butt crack and the thick plushness of the fleece will make your old seat feel like a new one for miles and miles. Because they are tailor made to fit the seat exactly, your seat will look great and you wont have a pad sliding around when you get on and off your bike. Its made a huge difference with my bike and people always comment on how unique my seats are.

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