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Seat Sheepskin Covers – Motorcycle Seat Cover on the Way!

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Seat Sheepskin Covers – Motorcycle Seat Cover on the Way!

I was talking to a friend of mine today. A friend and fellow motorcycle lover. He was asking me how the sheepskin business was going. I told him how great it was to be able to introduce something to people that has been around for so long, but so few people know about. It is so good to see their faces when they actually feel the sheepskin for the first time.

They always say, they would have never thought that sheepskin would feel so good. They almost always rub their cheeks with it and close their eyes. Like they are remembering something good in their past. It almost never fails, once they feel how good it feel they want to get some for themselves. Word then just spreads around so quickly.

He asked me if I sold seat sheepskin covers for motorcycles. I was quite shocked at myself when I said no. Man how dumb am I? I drive a motorcycle everyday, but I have never thought about putting sheepskin on the seat. He went on to tell me that a friend of his got a seat sheepskin cover for his bike and loved it. In fact he said the sheepskin made his bike feel like he had a new super comfortable seat!

He wanted to purchase one himself. I hated the fact that I didn’t have them. Worse I hated the fact that I didn’t have a sheepskin seat cover on my own bike. Now I’m on a new mission, getting a supply of seat sheepskin covers for motorcycles. I’m very excited about this new venture. The first thing I’m gonna do is get my own sheepskin for my bike and do some real testing.

I’m excited to see how well the sheepskin molds to the seat. They say that it makes your old seat feel like a super soft cushion and it doesn’t break down and get flattened like a cushion will. The one thing I was worried about was how weather resistant it will be. He told me that his friend said even when it gets wet he just wipes it off with a towel and gets on and goes. Nice and dry!

I already new that sheepskin was moisture resistant, but I never thought about it being weather resistant. The fibers have natural oils in them that repels the water, so instead of the water soaking into the fleece it sits suspended between the fibers. When you wipe it off it just sheets off like it would a vinyl seat cover. This is really amazing to me.

He introduced me to his friend over the phone and he told me he had gone to Sturgis and bought the sheepskin cover from up there. He said it was a little expensive, but if he know how good it was gonna feel on his long ride home he would have paid twice as much. This really impressed me and we are gonna get together, so I can see his Harley all decked out with the seat sheepskin covers. Now I just wonder which is going to look better his Harley or my Honda? I already know that answer:)

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