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Put Down That Paint Brush And Color Charts

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Put Down That Paint Brush And Color Charts

Did You Know?

Having positive colors such as pastel colors – like light blue, mint green, yellow and light purple – give people a calming feeling? This is the reason why many hospitals, schools and prisons decorate with these colors. (Great for your clients as well as your employees!)

Choosing the Right Colors

But if you are looking to spice things up, you may want to go with colors like red, orange and black. It all depends on the type of mood you want to import into the atmosphere of your establishment. You could also go with simple combos like beige and dark brown or dark green trimmings with white walls.

With Jaworski’s Coatings Inc. we offer color consulting services, so this way you won’t have to be left alone in the decision making process. Our experts will offer you different color palates to go by to see which colors look best together.

Imaging services are also available, allowing you to see an “after” before proceeding. We make sure that you are involved in the transformation of your building every step of the way. Customization services are available as well, so you can have individual floors or rooms however you like them!

Need More Than a Paint Job?

At Jaworski’s Coatings Inc. you aren’t only given interior decoration services, but you can also choose our restoration and refinishing services. If your building has been through a horrible fire or flood, we can get it back to the state it was in or even better!

Or maybe the parking garage needs new flooring. You’re in luck – the secret is out that we do epoxy flooring! With this option, you will no longer have the struggle of finding cleaning services or products to clean the floors. It’s that easy to wash! They aren’t only good looking, but keeping them good looking isn’t a problem because they are already durable.

They can even handle the traffic of cars and the constant treading of shoes!

Put Down That Paint Brush and Those Color Charts!

So you thought it would be too much trouble or too costly to hire an interior decoration company – lucky we found you!

You may be looking to repaint your walls to add some emphasis to your infrastructure or maybe you have decided to do a bit more remodeling to your interior or exterior office, facility, or home.

Keeping things looking good for your clients and customers is essential to keeping your business looking presentable and welcoming for recurring and potential customers, but you don’t have to spend tons or do it yourself to avoid doing so!

What You Need

Only you can know what you are truly looking to renovate in your business or establishment. What is already known is that you need something that will appeal to your taste as well as to those who will constantly be present there.

There are different affordable services that you can receive to help you with changes to your building such as

Ø Refinishing – This is great for touching up cracked and peeling paint as well as renewing it to something completely different. Or maybe you need your wall completely repaired.

Ø Restorations – If you need a room or an entire building restored, this is perfect for you. Dents, cracks and paint will be fixed up to make it look as good as new!

Ø Painting – Need new paint applied to one or more rooms and hallways?

Ø Color Consultants – Don’t know which colors to pick?

Ø Imaging Services – You finally picked those colors, but how will it actually look on your walls? You can find out!

Ø Interior Decoration – Get all the help you need to figure what your facility needs to be revamped and looking good.

Ø Epoxy Flooring – Parking garage need better flooring? This is the way to go!

v Easy to Clean

v Durable – Car and feet traffic resistant!

v Looks great!

Where Can You Find All of These Services for Affordable Rates?

Glad you asked! Jaworski’s Coatings Inc. can offer you these great services while staying within your budget. Satisfaction guaranteed! Now give you and your customers what they deserve – professional redecorations to your home or business!


Jaworski’s Coatings Inc. has a reputation with it’s customers – designers, realtors, universities, contractors, home owners and businesses!

Our track record is extensive from being in business for over three decades. Our clients are happy clients and that’s the way we like them!

Jaworski’s Coatings Inc, specialize in interior decorating, restorations and painting! We can help make your business look more attractive and have a better effect on your visitors. It is a proven fact that the atmosphere of any building you enter is dependent on the colors and items that are around.

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