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Mercedes Accessories Open a Vista of Possibilities

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Mercedes Accessories Open a Vista of Possibilities

Although built with exacting specifications, Mercedes cars are flexible enough to accommodate a wide array of accessories. Mercedes accessories are great not only for personalizing your car but also for extending its usefulness. After all, you ride in your Mercedes everyday and you can do all you want to make those rides comfortable. You can select to accessorize various areas of your car, from the exterior appearance to the electronics. Many of the Mercedes accessories you will find are manufactured by Mercedes itself while others are by aftermarket companies. If you are not purchasing the parts from Mercedes, make sure that they will integrate with the current setup of the vehicle.

For your electronics needs, there is the Hands-Free Communication System MHI Bluetooth Interface Module option. The communication system is built-in and can connect wirelessly to your cell phone through Bluetooth technology. It supports hands-free functions so you can concentrate on your driving while calling someone or receiving calls. A pricier upgrade is the COMAND DVD Navigation. This is a Global Positioning System spread on a screen that helps you plan trips and prevents you from getting lost. Covering all states including Hawaii and Canada, the COMAND DVD Navigation also displays relevant information in particular areas such as ATMs, hotels, airports, hospitals, museums, and 35 other categories.

The exterior appearance of your Mercedes, though it hardly needs sprucing up, but should you ever feel inclined to, there are several Mercedes accessories to choose from. How about installing Chrome-Plated Tire Valve-Stem Caps for that perfect wheel finish? Housing that boring license plate inside a solid stainless-steel Mercedes Plate Frame gives you an affordable and instant look upgrade. Chrome Door-Handle Inserts protect the handle finish and add flair at the same time. The same goes true with the Chrome Exterior Mirror Housing, lending a dash of sheen to complement the overall look of your Mercedes. You can also replace your tires, of course, but remember to buy the right size to avoid car damage and accidents.

When going on a vacation or a picnic, finding room for all your cargo can be quite a challenge. Don’t fret as there are several types of carriers you can mount on your Mercedes. If you want all-around functionality, get a Roof Rack Basic Carrier. After installation, you will be able to carry with you an assortment of items like cargo containers, sports equipment, and oversized luggage. You can also purchase small, medium, or large cargo containers from Mercedes. These containers are aerodynamic, lightweight, and painted to match the color of your car. Other Mercedes accessories like a bicycle rack, ski rack insert, and ski and snowboard rack expand the functionality of your basic roof rack.

For taking care of your Mercedes, invest in mudflaps. Mercedes mudflaps protect your vehicle from being hit by road debris thrown off by the car wheels, which can damage the chassis components and paint finish. When your car is just staying in the garage, prevent dust from building up by covering your Mercedes with a UV resistant, breathable Noah fabric. There are also rear seat covers to keep the rear seats clean and stain-free. Rear seat covers are made of vinyl and can be easily attached to the seats. Another Mercedes accessory for vehicle care is a rubber floor mat. This helps in trapping water, mud, and melting snow so your carpet remains dry and continue looking its best.

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