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Importance of Preventive Maintenance

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Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance consists of two important terms, i.e. preventive and maintenance. Preventive means to prevent, to deterrent and maintenance means upkeep, repair. These two together implies that regular repairs and maintenance in order to prevent serious deterioration. Preventive maintenance is not confined to few things, it is a broader term applied to home maintenance, equipment maintenance, automobiles and even people and their bodies. Maintaining things is the best way to prevent them from major damages. Sometimes this term is misperceived by people as they think it means to promise the proper function of the body for limitless time. However, preventive maintenance is to provide the necessary prevention against the future problems which may arise sooner or later.

The Fundamental Aim

John M. Gross in his book “Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance” states that the major purpose of P. M is to provide prevention against the failure of the system. We can take it as the preventive maintenance helps to increase the life of a system through preventive measures. Everything gives up to daily wear and tear over time and it is the preventive maintenance which helps to control this wear and tear to let it go for longer span of time.

Industry and Infrastructure

P. M s of great help in industrial sector. It helps to keep the record of condition of the machinery and other equipment. Day to day maintenance or inspection gives you a better idea about the damaging factors and routine maintenance will save you a lot. Replacing industrial equipment is definitely an expensive task and much time consuming instead maintaining and repairing it will not only save your time but also a huge replacing cost.

Similarly, preventive maintenance tasks keep the vital sewer, water systems and traffic on the go. Orange cones may seem irritating but remember the timely inconvenience is far better than long road blockages.

Home Maintenance

Home is a place to provide you shelter and warmth of family environment. P. M keeps you and your home away from major damages and expensive repairs. Checking roofs regularly and especially before the winter season to avoid leaks and other damages, cleaning chimney to keep it in a working condition before the cold winter season, maintaining the driveways for cracks and other wear and tear are all the part of the preventive maintenance.


Your vehicles also need P. M to give better performance and gas mileage. Inspecting the coolant level, brake fluid or transmission fluid levels regularly, tire pressure and quality of tread on them, changing old and damage oil and air filters can keep your engine running smoothly and for longer span of time. It is better to maintain things rather than replacing and installing new parts.

The Human Body

Human body is based on a complex structure that is hard to understand. You have often heard doctors and physicians or even our elders saying prevention is better than treatment. P. M starts from infancy and goes on throughout our lives.

The major preventive maintenance of human body includes regular exercises, healthy diet, avoiding drink, smoking and any other healthy habits.

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