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Hot Air Hand Dryers

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Hot Air Hand Dryers

Why are there so many kinds of hot air hand dryers? The question is probably about as answerable as is, “Why are there so many types of cars?” Everyone likes different things about them.

The first aspect we all consider for just about everything that we can pick for ourselves is,” What does it look like?” Appearance is everything­. With a fixture in a public place so much of the impression it gives depends on its suitability for the space. It can be small for small washrooms, and bigger for large ones; the surface may be shiny, a brushed matte look, or a color (usually white).

Unlike cars, though, the next issue is usually the noise level of the unit. While many of the first hand dryers really were almost deafening, the decibel level has become much more tolerable. If you desire a really fast, ergo powerful, dryer, it is likely to be louder than a slower one. When deciding how loud is loud, consider the environment of the washroom, some are noisier than others, some are in a quiet building, some have high traffic (so lots of dryer use). Another factor to keep in mind is that dryers sound louder with hands in or in front of them. Decibels are hard to measure, but look for a rating of 50-80 decibels. And do remember that after a time, people who work in proximity to the washroom will be able to ignore the sound as they do other ambient noises.

Many people in today’s high speed world are impatient and expect hot air dryers to be instant. Of course that is not likely to happen, but if speed is an issue there are lots of choices. One thing to be aware of is that speed, like noise, depends on the hands-how wet, how big, how they are held in the air stream. The drying speed provided by manufacturers is of course their own rating. In any case, we are talking about a matter of seconds.

In some public washrooms, like those in schools, public buildings, and shopping centres, vandalism is an issue. Facilities that are in use by boys tend to be a particular target. If this is the case in your facility you need to look for the most durable machine. Some things are obvious: don’t choose units encased in plastic. Look for tough aluminum and die-cast iron housings. Check on the coatings-enamel is more resilient than is chrome or other finishes. Most hand dryers are built to withstand some abuse, but at least they can’t-like paper towels-be set on fire.

If sustainability is a concern, and it should be, be aware that there is a long-standing and continual debate about whether paper towels or hand dryers are greener. That aside, two issues remain. First, look for a low-energy (calculate energy use with dry time and wattage) fixture, and a cover made from a sustainable material-many plastics fit this category.

Hygiene is always a concern. Like sustainability, this is an issue that is endlessly debated, with the experts leaning first toward paper towels, and then to air hand dryers. There are dryers that are considered a bit more hygienic. Features to look for are coatings (both interior and exterior) that create an environment not conducive to bacterial growth.

These factors should be considered, and hand dryers manufacturers and suppliers will furnish ratings that can aid your decision. The bottom line is that most hot air hand dryers are efficient and long lasting.

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