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Features of Ideal Scrap Yards

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Features of Ideal Scrap Yards

Automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Millions of cars of a variety of makes are produced and sold every year the world over. That is not all, the humongous waste or scrap generated by this industry is also worth mentioning. Millions of cars turn into scrap every year due to different reasons. Some meet with an accident while others get too old to function properly anymore. If all these had to pile up in the already overflowing landfills, the world would actually become a big landfill the severest impact of which will be suffered by our future generations. This is because metals take thousands of years to dispose of and the harmful fluids and hazardous products in scrap cars and other such vehicles pollute our environment. Scarp yards or car salvage yards take care of this problem by ensuring safe disposal of scrap cars.

People who have scrap cars get help of local or national level car salvage and recycling yards to dispose of their vehicles. Scrap yards are actually recycling centers where scrap cars are brought and their maximum possible parts are refurbished and cleaned to be used in operating cars. These yards also serve as scrap metal brokers as they crush the shell of the car after dismantling it of usable parts and sell the metal to metal processing companies. These deal with a variety of metals including steel, aluminum, iron, lead, copper, nickel, stainless steel, zinc and brass.

Ideal scrap yards would be the ones that obtained licenses from Waste Carriers and the Environment Agency Waste Management. These are also audited regularly to ensure proper working. Scrap car owners must make sure that the scrap yard they choose must be an Authorized Treatment Facility. These must also issue you Certificate of Destruction. Many reputed yards provide this certificate online leveraging their direct link to the DVLA.

While searching for ideal scrap yards, customers should look for the ones that have a trained team of mechanics having experience in handling cars of different makes. For instance, there are many yards that purchase scrap Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, Ferrari, Honda, Skoda, Bentley, Jaguar, Renault, Fiat and many more including their vintage models. Also, these provide consistent service to all their customers and should always aim at maximum customer satisfaction. This is ensured by free pick up of scrap cars, help in completion of documentation, thoroughly informing the customers about the true condition of their scrap cars and providing the reasonable benefit in monetary terms.

Authorized scrap yards also sell the spare parts of the scrap cars they buy. After the removal of usable parts, these are salvaged and put on sale to cater to the huge demand for second-hand spare parts. Last but not the least; these should understand the needs of their customers and also fulfill their expectations to maintain their reputation.

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