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Diesel Overhaul Rebuild Kits and Price Gouging

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Diesel Overhaul Rebuild Kits and Price Gouging

When it comes to engine rebuild and overhaul kits, many people in the diesel engine industry are consistently the victims of price gouging. There are two main ways that people are victimized. The most common method is that people are told they must have genuine parts for their rebuild. This is simply not so. Genuine parts can often cost you more than double the price of aftermarket parts. There are several reputable aftermarket brands that make high quality products, which last just as long and perform at the same level. These are brands such as Interstate-Mcbee, PAI, IPD, FP Diesel, Mahle-Clevite, and MaxiForce. These companies offer high quality replacement parts for Detroit Diesel, Cummins, CAT, International, Perkins, Komatsu, and many others. Companies such as Interstate-Mcbee and others listed, often use the same factories as original part manufacturers. Another way people are victimized is by taking the word of a mechanic they believe to be on their side. It is sad to say, but many shops take advantage of clients who are not informed on the market prices of engine rebuild kits or spare parts.

Some also prey on the fact that customers may not know enough about their engine to know what they need. One just has to be careful and make sure that the parts they are receiving are what they need and one of the above brands. Aftermarket parts get a bad name from cheaply made replacement parts, usually with no name and from less than reputable companies. Getting multiple quotes on repairs, will also help with price gouging. Make sure you get a comprehensive breakdown of the parts you will need for the repair of your engine. Compare these lists and you should be able to see if anyone is trying to take advantage of you.

Standard rebuild kits include the following items: cylinder kits (pistons, liners, rings, retainers), main bearings, connecting rod bearings, a head or upper gasket set, rocker cover gasket, and an oil pan gasket. Commonly needed items also include, thermostats, head bolts, camshaft bearings, water pumps, oil pumps, and fuel injectors.

Knowledge is the best way to prevent these two things from happening to you. Inform yourself and always do your research. The purpose of this article is to insure that people give themselves the option to find the correct parts for their rebuild at affordable prices. Knowledge is power and with the right information you can keep your diesel running optimally, for less.

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