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Create Beautiful Art With Sharpie Paint Pens

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Create Beautiful Art With Sharpie Paint Pens

My daughters have always been artistic. They’ve been coloring and drawing ever since they could hold a crayon in their hands, and have always preferred that activity to all others. Now that they’re getting a bit older, they still love drawing, and have added sketching and painting to their repertoire as well. They absolutely adore school projects that call for any kind of creativity, and they also enjoy decorating certain odds and ends around the house, such as the light switch covers in their rooms or the stapler on my desk. As long as we have a fresh supply of Sharpie paint pens, they’re in heaven.

The kids tried a lot of different markers before settling on Sharpie paint pens as their favorite. Since I was usually involved in the test projects in one way or another, I know exactly why they like this brand over all others. For one thing, Sharpie paint pens are made with high-quality, non-toxic ink that doesn’t bleed through paper. This is a very important consideration for my girls. The last thing they want is to start putting the finishing touches on a piece of art only to have the entire thing ruined because the marker bleeds through.

Another reason my children prefer Sharpie paint pens is that there is a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from. Not every marker works equally well on every kind of surface, so the girls like having a variety of Sharpie paint pens on hand. For example, they’ll grab a water-based pen when they want to work on pages in their scrapbook. The ink in these markers is archival quality, which means it won’t fade after a few short years. If the girls want to decorate an object made of glass, plastic, stone, wood, metal, or rubber, they would choose an oil-based marker instead. An oil-based product gives them the permanence they’re seeking, while still being quick-drying and easy to use. When you add in all the different colors that are available, such as gold, silver, yellow, pink, purple, lime, and a host of others, you can see why the girls are perfectly content so long as they have a bunch of these Sharpie paint pens on hand at all times.

Yes, Sharpie paint pens are a bit more expensive than other brands out there, but I think the extra expense is worth it. The girls have been able to create lots of beautiful designs on just about any surface they choose, which is something I know wouldn’t happen if they were using Crayola markers. If you’re as interested in promoting creativity in youngsters as I am, then maybe you should give Sharpie paint pens a look. You and your kids will be amazed at what they can do with these incredible markers at their disposal!

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