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Comparing the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 and 4880

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Comparing the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 and 4880

This post will assess the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, announced in the Fall of 2010, and its predecessor, the Stylus Pro 4880. Although the two printers share lots of of the identical features and are able of printing on media up to 17″ in width, some sizeable modifications were being built when the Stylus Professional 4900 was released that should advantage quite a few people. Among the these improvements are the print head, ink set and the speed at which prints can be developed.

Print Heads, Ink, and Vehicle-Switching Black Ink

The Epson 4900 has a solitary 10-channel piezo print head that enables car-sharing of the black ink channel. The Epson 4880 had a single 8-channel piezo print head that compelled end users to have either a Photograph Black or a Matte Black ink mounted. To modify black inks, one would have to drain the black ink line, using far more than $30 of ink to make that adjust. Though the 4900 does have the two the Matte Black and Photograph Black inks installed, customers shed no far more than $2.00 in ink in the course of the computerized change.

The ink used in the Stylus Professional 4900 is the UltraChrome HDR Ink Set. This established consists of the very same eight colours involved in the 4880 ink established, but also adds an orange and eco-friendly ink, in addition to possessing both of those the matte black and photo black ink on board. The total variety of inks loaded in this printer is 11, with 10 remaining used at any one particular time. The total result is an expanded color gamut around the 4880.

The other change is the capability of the ink cartridges. Cartrdiges for the Stylus Pro 4900 are provided in just one dimensions – 200 ml. The inks for the 4880 are offered in two dimensions 110 ml and 220 ml.


The Epson 4900 and 4880 can print to the exact same varieties of media. Image paper, high-quality art paper, canvas and specialty media can be applied. Equally printers are capable of printing on media that is up to 17″ in width. Borderless printing is supported by both equally printers for the most frequent roll widths – 8″, 10″, 16″ and 17″ among other individuals.


The velocity at which the Epson Stylus Pro 4900 can print is also a considerable enhancement about the 4880. The 4900 can produce an 8 x 10 in usual method (SuperFine – 1440 dpi HS) in about one particular moment and 30 seconds. A 16 x 20 can be made in a minimal a lot more than 4 minutes. In the similar print manner, the 4880 provides an 8 x 10 in two minutes and a 16 x 20 in a minimal much more than six minutes. Dependent on this, the Stylus Pro 4900 can print at speeds at the very least 25% speedier than the 4880.


The Epson Stylus Professional 4900 is a welcome upgrade above the 4880. With a wider color gamut, potential to vehicle-swap black inks and improved print speeds, the Stylus Pro 4900 will satisfy the demands of the qualified photographer and wonderful artwork printer that is in search of to generate significant high-quality prints that are up to 17″ in width.

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