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Changing the Serpentine Belt on Your Saab 9-3 (1998-2003)

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Changing the Serpentine Belt on Your Saab 9-3 (1998-2003)

Disclaimer:  Changing your belt can be tricky and ought to only be tried by individuals with a mechanical history and capacity that have the suitable resources.  

The first time I tried modifying a serpentine belt in a Saab, I invested all over forty minutes give or just take, so give by yourself sufficient time to do the task. Brain you, a great deal of that time was invested swearing at the Scandinavian Engineers who resolved that a fifty percent inch of clearance in the engine compartment for your fingers was adequate for belt alternative. 

Factors you will require: 

  • A new belt 
  • long 50 percent inch extension
  • a strong floor jack (not the a person that’s in your trunk!)
  • a established of jack stands, a socket set 
  • a flat degree area to function

To start out lets get your Saab ready. Pop your hood (to the remaining of the driver seat in direction of the petals).  You will need to have to jack your car’s passenger front conclusion up and get rid of your passenger aspect wheel. Find your jacking stage and elevate the car or truck till the wheel is in the air.  Remember to be secure and established your jack stand just before eradicating your wheel.  Often do the job protected.

You will recognize that your serpentine belt is on the remaining aspect when you are standing in entrance of your car hunting at your engine.  You will have to eliminate your air cleaner box and the hose hooked up to it demands to be moved out of the way so that you can improved access the belt under.  Individual the air cleaner and pull the box instantly up, it will slide out without the need of any headache then set it apart.  Up coming, take the hose facet and bend it toward your transmission dipstick and secure it with string or a bungee. 

At this level I strongly endorse that you appear and diagram your belt routing.  It need to somewhat look like a “W.” Get your long 50 %-inch extension and insert it into the gap in the prime of your belt pensioner.  Pull it a little bit toward you and you will observe the old belt turn into slack. At this place you can slide the belt off the modest plastic loafer and launch the pensioner. Now commence taking away the belt.  Now you know why we eradicated the wheel, people bottom pulleys would be difficult if not. 

Changing the belt is the reverse of the method I just outlined. I would advise that you start out higher than and with the facet closest to the bumper, as they are the hardest to get.  The moment you have all those, go to your wheel very well and pull the belt from and A/C compressor and set the belt about the engine push pulley. From there you have to have to loop the belt about the large metallic loafer pulley and again down to get the alternator. At this position you are prepared to reinsert the extension and though eliminating the belt tension slide your new belt more than the plastic pulley.

As lengthy as you are thorough, pay out shut interest to particulars and discover the specific belt for your make and product Saab, you will conserve a lot of dollars in mechanic labor fee’s and give only about an hour of your very own day. In these tricky financial moments, its greatest to know what we are capable of and do no matter what we can do ourselves on our automobiles. Vehicles are normally pushed down the record of priorities, but the serpentine belt is a crucial component of the motor assembly, an critical element of your Saab’s functioning smoothly and should be modified when thinning or when you can see cracks in the sides (at the very least check out each individual 6-12 months)

**Recall! Generally look at your operate!! Make confident that the new belt is in ALL the pulleys accurately and totally seated in the grooves prior to starting off your automobile**

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