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Carp Fishing Tackle – Century NG Rod Review

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Carp Fishing Tackle – Century NG Rod Review

About the Century NG Rod

The NG rod uses the latest in carbon fibre technology, so if you’re into high-tech gear, this will do quite nicely. Carbon-fibre technology is considered to be one of the most important advances in multi-range carp rod designs in over 10 years. The manufacturing process employs an electronic rolling machine to insert a specific grade of carbon with extreme precision, which creates the correct action. The rod also has an elegant look, with a low-gloss, silk-grey surface finish and complex patterning. The patterns themselves are cut using an advanced CAD-CAM (computer-aided design-computer aided manufacturing) process that uses technology to enhance the design during manufacturing process. The result is a carp rod with tighter tolerances and superior quality. Benefits to the angler include consistent performance. The NG rod also has been tested extensively in virtually any situation an angler might experience. One important finding is that the test curve of NG rods does not alter or decay for an amazing three full years, a true testament to their quality. This is thought to be so because of the autoclave manufacturing process that helps to control both the pressure and temperature in the all-important curing stage. The autoclave process is the same one that’s used in the manufacture of jet aircraft hulls and race car chassis.

More Features of the Century NG Rod

Another aspect of the Century NG rod is its dynamic test curve rating that makes any fish on the line seem to weigh nearly one pound less, a feature you’re sure to appreciate during those long fights. The lightweight guides function to benefit rapid tip recovery. Century has put a GripFast handle on this rod, with a cap and collar made from etched stainless steel. The NG comes in a number of popular sizes, including 2.75lb, 2.5lb and 3.5lb. I’ve found that the 12 foot and 13 foot NG SU (stepped up) rods are exceptionally effective for long- to medium-range distances without the use of a shock leader. These two rods come with size 50 to 12 SiC (silicon carbon) lightweight guides. The action is revised and helps to protect the line when casting. This reduces the chance of crack-offs and gives good shock absorption with braided line. Another benefit is extra control when snag fishing. Finally, woven carbon fabric is specially placed in strategic areas to aid in resisting tip torque and aid accuracy. This rod sells for about £225.00 and is available at better angling retailers throughout the UK.

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