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BMW 6 Series Parts

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BMW 6 Series Parts

The BMW 635i was first introduced in the 1980’s as a luxury BMW grand touring coupe. The newest version was reintroduced in 2004 as the 645Ci and updated with the 650i and M6 coupe and convertibles. These grand touring cars are known for their impressive acceleration and performance while maintaining the ultimate luxury and comfort you expect from a high end BMW 6 Series Coupe. Despite the vast amount of technology and engineering put into each BMW 6 Series, there are a variety of aftermarket BMW Parts available to improve performance, handling and looks.

BMW 6 Series Suspension

The OE BMW suspension is good but still oriented to comfort. This provides significant body roll under cornering and thus does not make the car as responsive as possible. H&R Sport Springs for the M6 are available to sharpen handling without compromising daily comfort. KW, Bilstein and H&R Coilovers are a more comprehensive BMW suspension upgrade that replaces the factory suspension system with a height and in some cases rebound and compression adjustable suspension system. These are the ultimate in handling upgrades that allow you to dial in specific settings depending on your preference.

BMW 6 Series Exterior Parts

The BMW 6 Series has an edgy look but can be vasty improved with subtle upgrades like BMW matte black grills and matte black side gills. These direct replacements are a matte black finish to provide contrast and a more aggressive look. The Vorsteiner M6 aerodynamics line are direct carbon fiber upgrades to the factory look to give your BMW M6 and even more race inspired look while saving weight. The Vorsteiner VRS Front Add On for the M6 is a direct dry carbon front lip add on to the factory M6 bumper. Vorsteiner also offers a carbon fiber rear bootlid for the M6 that will save weight and provide better downforce at higher speeds. Finally, the rear diffuser can be upgraded with a carbon fiber rear diffuser that features a finned designed for better air flow and downforce.

The other option to upgrade are the BMW angel eyes with the WeissLicht LED Angel Eyes. These are direct plug and play LED upgrades that will change the color to a xenon white for a cleaner look that matches the original xenon headlights.

6 Series Performance Parts

The BMW 6 series features a V8 engine with impressive acceleration throughout the range. The factory exhaust can be upgraded with the Eisenmann Exhaust for the M6 to give your V10 engine a deeper growl and better performance. In addition, the aFe Intake System will maximize gains by improving flow that works well with an aftermarket exhaust system. Finally, it is best to optimize the factory ECU for the upgraded modifications with the Active Autowerke Software Tune that can be customized per vehicle and modifications.

6 Series Wheels

The BMW 6 series comes with high performance wheels from the factory but looks just like any other 650i out there. There are a variety of custom forged wheels available that are 100% produced to order and will give your M6 a unique look. They are designed to be lightweight and wider to improve traction and not decrease performance- the reason you bought the V10.

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