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Benefits of a Trunk Mount Bike Rack

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Benefits of a Trunk Mount Bike Rack

If you wish to transport your bike and your car or vehicle doesn’t have any tow bar then the ideal solution is to install a trunk mount bike rack to your car. It is considered the most versatile and cost-effective bicycle rack. These are built in such a way that they fit to every vehicle with a very easy installation process.

There are four main parameters based on which the compatible trunk mount bike racks has to be selected: user compatibility, bike compatibility, vehicle compatibility and vehicle accessibility. If the vehicle has a spoiler then the bicycle racks may not be compatible with your vehicle. Choose the strongest, secure, and easy to use bicycle rack.

The primary benefit is that the overall charges will be very low and affordable. It doesn’t need any roof rack or hitch and it are considered as the ideal choice for occasional short journeys. Most of these racks are user-friendly, and can easily carry 2-4 bikes. They are easily affordable and stored. The trunk mount bike rack blends security and provides greater clearance over other spoilers. It is more convenient for using and storage purpose.

The molded rubber pads are provided to give a firm support and hold the vehicle along with proper protection from scratches. As it can hold more than one bike, it is very important to handle the contact between the bike and the bike along with that of car and bike. The anti-sway cages play an important role in handling such contacts and the bicycle arms provide ample spacing to avoid the contact damage. It cushions the bike along with maximum security.

The levers of the trunk mount bike rack allow adjusting the bicycle arms easily as well as independently. This feature is designed to support all types of bike frames.

This type of rack is also available with another important feature called strap management. The strap management device consists of additional straps that protect the vehicle. These straps are made of proper nylon material so that they secure the rack guaranteeing the most convenient and safest installation. They are also provided with lockable secure bike carriers along with locks.

The trunk mount bike racks are also provided with narrow cradle arms to hold children’s bicycles and these can be folded when not in use. The arms are designed to provide flexibility, they can be folded or adjusted based on the requirement.

It can also be purchased through online without physically visiting the store. All the features and specifications are provided in detail against each product. So, choose the best suited bike rack, make the payment and get it delivered to your doorstep. Many online stores are offering wide varieties of racks for car, truck, van, garage purpose, home use, etc.

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