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Affiliate Marketing: 9 Things to Consider Before Promoting a Product

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Affiliate Marketing: 9 Things to Consider Before Promoting a Product

There are several affiliate markets out where you can do business and make a lot of residual incomes. But the performance and reliability of these programmes are not the same in terms of how regular they pay their affiliates, the type of commission, marketing tools/support, etc.

When choosing a market it therefore means that you have to consider several factors before jumping in to promote their products, otherwise you could easily be frustrated and opt out of the business. The things to consider therefore include:

1. Age: You must consider how long they’ve been in the market. If they have been there for a fairly long time and are still consistent, it means you can depend on them. If they are not doing well they won’t be around for such a long time.

2. Commission: You must consider the commission pattern whether they are 2-tier, 3-tier or life-long. What percentage are they willing to pay you? You wouldn’t like to put in so much to promote products for advertisers that wouldn’t give you the kind of commission that should motivate you. Life-long commission providers should be considered first before any other ones because once you bring in a customer, you keep making commission from whatever he/she buys for life so long as the customer keeps coming back to buy.

3. Support: You should also consider the help the advertiser is able to provide to you as an affiliate. A system that provides you with marketing tools like follow-up emails, landing pages, websites, customer support, forums, etc is a plus and should be given top priority. Some of the marketers actually do the follow-up themselves the moment somebody visits their site through your link.

4. Promotion method: You must choose an affiliate program that offers you a flexible way of promoting their products. Some programs have so many “Don’t” and if you are a newbie you may become frustrated. In some cases where you need to use blog or e-mail to promote their products, the option must be available for you. Don’t go for the programs that would require you to have over 100,000 unique visitors daily if you are new to the business.

5. Sales tracking: Join affiliate programmes that provide tools to track your sales. It would be sheer waste of time, money and energy if you drive traffic to a programme and end up not getting anything in return after sales are made simply because there is no way to track your sales.

6. Demand: Is the product you want to promote in hot demand? You must never go for products that are out of vogue. Don’t try to go into promoting products that obviously have no competition even if the commission is high. If there is no competition it indicates that the product is unpopular and only few people would buy it. Some of the products in high demand are information products, digital products, software, antivirus or antimalware, healthcare products, etc.

7. Relationship: The product you want to promote must be related to your niche market. If you are into automobile and you go into promoting health and fitness products on your site, you are bound to fail because your visitors will never buy. But if you promote “Car hire services, automobile spare parts, auto insurance, etc you are sure to make a kill since the products are related to what your visitors would be searching for.

8. Referral: You should also consider if there is any compensation for referring co-affiliates. Some advertisers are willing to pay you for referring new affiliates to them so long they join their program and begin to promote. Others would only pay you for referring buyers to them. So when you have products in the same range you should consider first the one who is able to pay for referring both buyers and affiliates.

9. Payment method: Some advertisers pay you only through Paypal and if you are in the country that is not acceptable to Paypal it means you cannot fit in and would never receive your pay. Therefore, in choosing the affiliate programme to promote you must be sure they have other payment options like Check, Bank wire, plimus,etc.through which you can collect your commissions.

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