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4 Types Of Ground Transportation Services

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4 Types Of Ground Transportation Services

Were it not for the several types of ground transportation services present at most airports, travelling to the airport, finding your way around the airport and getting to your residence from the airport would be fairly hectic. That is, unless you had previously arranged for a relative or friend to drop you off or to come and pick you up at the airport on arrival. However, the majority of airports have a wide range of ground transportation options available for you to choose from. The most common and most widely used transport services are discussed below.

Hotel or resort shuttles – Most of the big hotels and resorts that are within a short distance from the airport offer shuttle rides for their clients. These hotels know how stressful it is to manage a scheduled ground transportation service while dealing with the ever changing traffic conditions. They are also very much aware of the consequences of having their customers miss their flight due to delays and are therefore very strict in terms of time. To deal with the unpredictable traffic conditions they ensure that their shuttles are dispatched in good time so that even in the event of a traffic jam they arrive promptly.

Taxi services – This is the most popular type of ground transportation and found in great numbers in any city. Their yellow color makes them easy to spot and they are an efficient and reliable means to find your way around any given city. The majority of cab drivers start or end their shift at 5am or 5pm and as a result their numbers are usually at a minimum during this shift changing period. This is due to the penalty imposed on drivers who fail to return the cab on time. It has also been observed that a good number of cab drivers tend to avoid airport destinations due to the traffic jams associated with roads leading to airports. They usually prefer to get multiple fares by simply picking up passengers in the city center.

Gypsy cabs – These are the private cars whose owners patrol airport terminals and hotels in the search for passengers. Although they may appear professional, more often than not these lack insurance and have no license. Also their vehicles might not meet the minimum safety requirements or may have not have even undergone the mandatory safety inspections which means that they are illegal. This ground transportation option is dangerous and not recommended for anyone.

Limo car services – This is the one of the best ground transportation service and it also has a lot to offer. A good number of limousine service companies offer you the opportunity to book online in advance which saves a lot of time. The limousine is dispatched well before the scheduled time so that you reach your destination punctually or even earlier.

Pre arranging your ground transportation is the best way of managing the situation rather than letting the situation manage you. When you have just landed in a foreign city the last thing you want is to do is to wait for over an hour for transport to your destination.

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