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1967 Mustang – In A Class of Its Own

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1967 Mustang – In A Class of Its Own

Whenever you’re thinking of traditional American muscle cars, just a few vehicles come to mind instantaneously, certainly not the least of those would be the 67 Ford Mustang. The Mustang initially rolled off the assembly line halfway through 1964. In fact, it was utilized in the famous James Bond movie Goldfinger, which was the very first movie appearance for this unique classic car.

For the next few years Ford got a corner on the market, however by 1967 everything changed as Chevrolet launched the Camaro and then Pontiac came into the picture with the classic Firebird. While getting ready for the coming rivalry, Ford went into a redesign period in order to thoroughly change the styling of the Mustang. Until this specific year, there was simply no reason to muscling up the smallish sports car, however with the Barracuda as well as others getting prepared to be unveiled to the market, the battle was on to offer large engines inside small racy frames.

Changes Made In The 1967 Ford Mustang

The year of 1967 was indeed the first substantial design upgrade for the hugely popular Ford Mustang. There initially were a handful of noteworthy modifications like the enlarged grille opening, vertical and horizontal bars, 2 1/2 inch boost for the front track, concave rear together with bigger tail lights and smaller side scoops that were painted to match the vehicle. Even if there have been several changes to the body as a whole, Ford Motor Company still wisely supplied the convertible, coupe, and fastback choices.

Developments that Took Place in the Ford Mustang

Whenever something ends, another thing generally will begin, such as the engine size along with other options for the 67 Mustang. This year would lead to the the final days of the 289 Hi Po as well as the first release of the 390 and the 428, which had been included in the Shelby designs. This would also be the last year for the Ford Mustang GTA as well as the Ford Motor Company’s block lettering. Block lettering would not get back to the Ford Motor Company lineup until 1974, definitely details really worth remembering if you are wishing to establish the credibility of a 1967 Mustang!

Famous 1967 Mustang Tidbits

The vintage Mustang is quite well-liked in modern-day pop culture. In fact, you could see one of the vintage Ford Mustangs showing up in a leading role in the 2000 remake of the movie flick, “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Don’t miss it. Eleanor, a reproduction of the 1967 Shelby GT 500, was the star of the film itself, not necessarily the well-known acting professional Nicolas Cage. It was wonderful in the film. In fact, quite a few clones were created for this well-known adventure movie via a number of 67-68 Mustang fastbacks. The first clone built for this motion picture sold in auction and earned a $194,000 payday! Though the vehicles were original in body, the undercarriage and suspension systems were all cutting-edge.

Final Thoughts on the 1967 Ford Mustang

If you find a genuine 67 Ford Mustang, that baby will definitely be worth a lot of money, especially if you have one of the rare Shelby’s or an all-original automobile. Try to find telltale signs like some of the ones listed above and verify VIN’s to be entirely certain. Even a less than perfect automobile could possibly be restorable and also well worth the energy and efforts to preserve. In any case, the 67 Mustang is a legend!

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